By Rich Palmer • April 11, 2017

Your Favorite People

Predictive models - such as the powerful ones that enable Gravyty users to prioritize donors effectively - are wonderful examples of the promise of technology to super-charge advancement offices. However, ultimately, technology can't replace people.

There are things that technology doesn't know and the final responsibility of maintaining and growing a relationship with a major donor rests with the fundraiser.

In these cases, it is best for technology to get out of the way and enable real-world workflows. We have heard this from current users and leaders across the fundraising universe. With this in mind, we have built a way to quickly override our models and call out your "favorite" donors.

This new feature allows you to keep track of donors in additional ways beyond our predictive models, moves management tools, follow-ups, and ticklers.

Gravyty augments the art that you perform, with science that is immediately useful. We are excited to take another step towards that vision.

Favorite-Details.png Favorite-Heatmap-2.png