By Drew Fox Jordan • February 3, 2020

Workforce Expansion for Fundraising in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Nonprofit organizations, Higher Educational Institutions, Hospitals, and Healthcare organizations use fundraising as a critical revenue driver. Traditionally, when these organizations have been tasked with increasing donations or have identified the opportunity to raise more in pursuit of their mission, the only logical answer was to hire more fundraisers.

However, suddenly expanding the workforce by hiring more fundraisers is fraught with challenges. How much does the organization have to invest in human capital? How would we train all of these new people? How do we attract top fundraising talent? Does adding more bodies actually create inefficiencies?


In the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI), fundraising organizations have a new path to expand the workforce and begin seeing the returns of increased efficiency, faster than previously thought possible.

With AI-powered fundraiser enablement, workforce expansion happens anytime that technology allows a team of fundraisers to operate like they were adding new, fully-ramped, fundraisers to the team, but without making any additional hires.

For example, when AI fundraiser enablement empowers a single fundraiser to complete discovery on 700 potential donors, when they were previously only able to complete discovery work on 200; that’s workforce expansion.

Or, when AI fundraiser enablement unlocks a fundraiser from the mundane tasks that prohibit them from effectively managing their assigned portfolio of 130 donors, allowing them to efficiently manage 260+ donors throughout the year; that’s workforce expansion.


Typically, Gravyty customers realize a fundraising workforce expansion of 2-3x, without making any additional hires. This translates into small teams hitting well above their weight, medium-sized teams achieving previously unthinkable results, and large teams changing the very nature of how fundraising works – even in today’s competitive environment.

You only need to look to the proof to imagine what AI-enabled workforce expansion can do for your organization. The College of Charleston, for example, took a staff of 15 frontline fundraisers and used Gravyty’s fundraiser enablement tools, powered by AI to act as if they were a shop of 39 full-time fundraisers – workforce expansion of 2.6x. In less than a year of this new operational efficiency, the institution inspired 408 new gifts, totaling more than $880,000 in additional revenue.


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