By Kevin Leahy • August 22, 2019

[WEBINAR] Gravyty & Advizor Solutions: Driving Efficiency & Action for Gift Officers

Along with our great friends and partners at Advizor Solutions, Gravyty is excited to announce our latest webinar, "Gift Officers: Finding Efficiencies In Prospecting."

Every gift officer needs a steady stream of new donor prospects. But how do you fit prospect outreach into your existing work with your assigned portfolio in an efficient way? And beyond that, how do you quickly take action with potential prospects?

Gravyty and Advizor will give you tips for efficient prospecting workflows and also explain how artificial intelligence (AI) helps you build new relationships, at scale.

Join us on Thursday, September 5th at 2:00 pm ET for this very special webinar designed specifically for gift officers. You'll learn:

  1. How to prioritize your outreach to prospects
  2. How to manage bottom-heavy portfolios with limited time
  3. How AI empowers you to take direct action with assigned donors and prospects


FREE WEBINAR: Gravyty & Advizor Solutions


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