The Courage to Innovate

By Kevin Leahy • July 31, 2019

VIA Public Media, Northeastern Pennsylvania’s PBS and NPR affiliate, serving 22 counties in the region, recently reorganized its development team and efforts to bring all resources onto one team. In this reorganization, Chief Development Officer, Ron Prislupski, identified that VIA’s major gifts program needed help and saw an opportunity to add resources that would increase revenue. In addition to hiring a Planned and Major Giving Officer, his partnership with CDP also identified Gravyty’s AI-enabled fundraising suite of tools as a solution to increase fundraiser activity and inspire more gifts.

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Michal Heiplik is EVP and Co-founder of CDP, a Boston-based fundraising service that brings breakthrough technologies, including AI-enabled fundraising, to public media. By acting as the engine of fundraising innovation for public radio and television stations, CDP helps its members understand areas of opportunity for increasing fundraising effectiveness and efficiency. Learn why Michal believes in AI-enabled fundraising for membership organizations.

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