By Lindsey Athanasiou • August 11, 2017

Proactive vs. Reactive Fundraising

“Stretched too thin” was how I would have answered the question “How is work?” when I was a fundraiser. Rarely did I ever feel that I was truly on top of my portfolio, knowing who I should focus on today, who just made their gift, and who I needed to see two months from now. Most of the time, I was in reactive mode at my desk, trying to qualify new prospects sent my way by research, belatedly stewarding recent donors via email and phone, and spending hours sending dozens of emails to get filler visits after securing one anchor visit in my assigned region. How many of my prospects was I actively managing on a deep, personal level? Maybe 15 out of 175.

If you don’t feel like this half (or more) of the time, then kudos. You have either figured something major out, or you don’t get much sleep. But I won’t probe further.

Gravyty ‘First Draft’ can change this unfortunately common situation. In fact, it can rid the fundraising industry of it. How?

  • By leveraging advances in Artificial Intelligence, Gravyty determines who you should reach out to based on their ability and inclination to make the next big gift over the next three month period.
  • With machine learning that prompts you to move someone to the next stage, First Draft crafts the best message for you to send, and even sets follow ups for you.
  • With natural language processing, Gravyty refines the first draft emails to better match the donor and the fundraiser.

‘First Draft’ writes the emails you spend valuable time thinking about, researching for, and typing. It starts you on second base each day rather than at home plate. Those filler visits you need to secure for your upcoming trip to New York City? Gravyty writes the emails to the right people, and all you need to do is hit send.

Goodbye, reactive fundraising. Hello, proactive self-writing emails.

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