By Drew Fox Jordan • December 4, 2019

Personalization: The Key to Driving Fundraising Results

Everyone knows exactly what an email blast looks like, whether it’s from your alma mater asking for a contribution to their fundraising campaign, or the local pet shelter looking for extra funding. Donors today expect more from nonprofits. They want to see an appeal that’s relevant to their individual interests.

A report from Accenture finds that 44 percent of donors are willing to donate up to ten percent more upon receiving an “individualized experience” as opposed to mass-marketed communications. Think about that for a second—donors admit organizations leave opportunities on the table simply because they haven’t made personalized appeals.

Additionally, this same study from Accenture concludes that 59 percent of donors would feel this personalization would be met if the organization reported back on the real outcomes that came to fruition through their giving.

These are revenue opportunities that nonprofits leave on the table if they have not found an efficient way to make personalized and donor-centric appeals. So how does an organization personalize outreach for more donors and prospects than what’s possible today?


Knowing the challenge (personalized, donor-centric appeals) and the key to addressing the challenge (the impact a donor makes with their gift), the question becomes, how do we turn this key to unlock new revenue opportunities for organizations?

Many nonprofit organizations are turning to fundraiser enablement tools, powered by artificial intelligence (AI).


By using AI to recommend the best donors and prospects to reach out to and then crafting the first draft of personalized outreach for the fundraiser to edit and send, Gravyty customers have found a transformative method for reaching more donors and prospects in record time with personal appeals.

But appeals aren’t the only way to build relationships. As the Accenture research suggests, donors want to know the impact of their generosity. Gravyty Stewardship is an AI tool that fundraisers and organizational leaders use to say thank you for gifts of all sizes, deepen relationships, and often increase giving.

For example, one fundraiser at Northern Kentucky University used Gravyty Stewardship to thank a donor for a $100 gift. That timely and personalized outreach quickly led to a conversation about a larger gift and secured a six-figure planned gift and the creation of a new scholarship for the university. (WATCH VIDEO)

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Time and time again, it’s been proven that personalization is the key to increasing giving for nonprofit organizations. But until now, had you considered that AI is the tool that turns the key and unlocks new opportunity?









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