By Rich Palmer • November 23, 2018

New Feature Friday

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably emerging from a turkey coma after a great Thanksgiving meal. Gravyty is certainly thankful for all of our great customers, so we’re celebrating this Black Friday with a look at some new features you’ll find in our AI-enabled suite of fundraising tools.

Improved Donor Cycling
Gravyty provides another option for constituent communication. Improved donor cycling gives our users the option to either repeat their outreach to donors until they make a gift, or request new prospects when they have finished a portfolio. Users simply let Gravyty know which options work best for their donor pool or campaign strategy, and our team makes the next cycle work those preferences.

More Accurate Picture Matching
Building a verifiable thread between data elements in social media and data sources is an enduring challenge. We've improved our algorithms to help the computer understand that "Rich Palmer" is the same "Rich Palmer" across a variety of social media or data sources to offer more accurate picture matching and social media linking - giving fundraisers multiple ways to connect with donors and keep up-to-date on career changes. This is on top of existing capabilities to ingest donor photos and social data organizations might already have, and the ability to override or select preferred media.

AI Algorithm Enhancements
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are at the core of our DNA, which we are continuously enhancing and developing. This week, we released enhancements to our AI algorithms to better predict the month a donor will make a gift and improve sorting of non-donors. This helps users connect with donors and prospects at a time that is more advantageous for their organization.

Improved AI-Written First Drafts
First Draft AI-written communications got a boost this week. Our machine learning now picks up on organizational nicknames when used frequently by gift officers, more accurately identifies and pairs related sentences, and more intelligently parses links in First Draft emails. This means users spend less time making minor changes and more time building relationships.

On behalf of all your friends at Gravyty, we wish you a very successful #GivingTuesday!