By Rich Palmer • January 5, 2017

Meet The Team: Christopher Mirabile

When you partner with Gravyty to bring predictive intelligence into your practice, you're doing more than gaining access to cutting-edge technology. You're getting a dedicated team supporting your work. We want to give you insight into who we are. In this series of posts, we will be highlighting the people who make it possible.

For an innovative technology company, we are privileged to have formed an expert team with a breadth of expertise and perspective. Today, we will talk about the newest member of our board of directors, Christopher Mirabile.

Christopher Mirabile

A quick search will inform you of Christopher's accomplishments when it comes to investing, building strategic alliances, and his academic credentials. We recently spoke with him to get beyond his LinkedIn profile and to understand how he sees the current environment for non-profits.

"Technology has the potential to make non-profits much more effective and efficient which in turn enables them to have a bigger impact." Non-profits, as he puts it, are restricted by their limited resources and talent, more so than the rest of the business world. A tool like Gravyty is finally changing this for them. "It takes technology, which has been traditionally out of the reach of many non-profits... and applies it right where the chisel meets the grindstone: helping these organizations get the financial support they desperately need. Not only does Gravyty leverage technology to create value for its customers, but it also has a double bottom-line in helping the good works non-profits support."

Christopher has always been fascinated with applied technology and the way it has the power to transform and change our lives. He continues to strive to "be at the intersection of technology and human behavior," which he certainly has. He considers himself a life-long learner whose curiosity keeps him at the cutting-edge — a role, he says, that Gravyty helps him fulfill.

Talking to Christopher you get a great sense of pride in the work that Gravyty has embarked upon.

"My investing work is about finding great teams going after interesting and worthwhile markets with smart, differentiated, and defensible solutions. The Gravyty team checks those boxes for me. I like the team and their vision. I respect them a lot. The market they are going after has real need in it and there’s a real opportunity for this market to do better. Their approach is very smart and it will provide long-term value for the industry."

Before we hung up, he stressed that "what the Gravyty team is doing is special," and he gives his time because he "wants to see them succeed."