By Kevin Leahy • August 30, 2019

Meet Reilly Conroy, Gravyty BDR

Reilly Conroy, GravytyThe Gravyty difference begins with our people. As we look to grow our team, we think it’s important to highlight those who work on the frontlines of this well-oiled machine.

Today, we introduce you to Reilly Conroy, a business development representative (BDR) at Gravyty.

Q: What attracted you to this role at Gravyty?

When I first applied to Gravyty, I was really excited by the idea of working at a tech company that operated within the nonprofit sector. We don’t see that kind of overlap often, so the opportunity to work for an artificial intelligence (AI) company that is helping to empower nonprofits immediately drew me in.

As a BDR, I have the chance to connect with individuals working at amazing nonprofits across so many sectors. I’m engaging with the people who work behind the scenes, fighting for the causes that I support, and I’m able to connect them to solutions that will help their organizations grow and succeed. To be that initial touchpoint in the sales process with all different kinds of organizations is what really attracted me to the BDR role at Gravyty.

Q: What has surprised you about working here, good or bad?

Every day is different. Whether it’s a new project, a new focus on a particular task, or a new employee in the office, no two days look the same. While I expected this to some degree coming into a startup, it proved incredibly true. At any given time, I’m juggling different tasks that fill in around the standard operating procedures that I perform as a BDR. For me, this is perfect - I’m always on my toes and never get bored.

Q: What is your favorite part of the day?

Although my everyday routine varies quite a bit, I am always doing some type of outreach. I usually set aside a solid chunk of time to do cold calls, and while cold calls can be anxiety-inducing, it has become one of my favorite parts of the day. This is where I'm actually getting to hone some of my sales skills and talk to real people, and nothing tops the feeling of someone being receptive of a cold call and actually engaging with you. For outreach, when I’m not doing cold calls, I’m usually sending out emails. I always research an organization before I send off an email to learn a bit about them - I’ll check their website for upcoming events or scroll through their twitter looking for announcements. Doing this helps me get to know the organization better, but also reignites a sense of purpose for me - to see what these organizations are doing, what their goals are, and how Gravyty’s AI could help increase funds and ultimately achieve those goals is super exciting.

Q: Is there anything you’ve changed, built, or accomplished so far that you’re proud of?

I kicked off an ongoing project to dig through our database and do a massive outreach campaign to all of the organizations that have fallen through the cracks. We want to ensure that we are reaching out to all relevant organizations. This has been a huge undertaking, starting with around 3,000 organizations to reach out to, but as we slowly chip away at this list, I’m glad to know that we are not only doing necessary outreach and simultaneously cleaning up the database and streamlining the process for future outreach efforts.

Q: What type of opportunities does a BDR have at Gravyty?

There are so many opportunities for a BDR at Gravyty, from growing into a sales role as an Account Executive to working collaboratively with other teams to develop a variety of skill sets. During my first month at Gravyty, I had a conversation with Adam, our CEO, and he reminded me that “none of the tasks we’re doing, no matter how mundane, are beneath any of us -- not me, not you, not Lindsey (Gravyty’s VP of Sales).” The idea is that at a startup, every little task and effort put in contributes to the larger effort and is essential to the process. The tasks that may seem more tedious are necessary steps to growth for the company. I think this really underscores what Gravyty is like as a company - there are opportunities everywhere, and no matter where you fall within the company hierarchy, your ideas matter, and as a member of the team, everyone wants to see you grow and succeed.

Do you think you have what it takes to join Reilly and the Gravyty team?

Let us know -- we’re hiring for BDRs like Reilly and also across the board: www.gravyty.com/careers



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