Nima Abbasi By Nima Abbasi • October 6, 2017

Meet Nima Abbasi

Hello! My name is Nima Abbasi and before joining Gravyty, I worked as a graduate research assistant in the  Mechanical Engineering Department of Northeastern University. I have deep knowledge in data science - both theoretical and applied - which has taught me how to identify and answer data-relevant questions and then how to use that knowledge for the benefit of others.

I am thrilled to be joining the Gravyty family as a Director of Data Science with a passion for helping nonprofits improve and close more donations using tools powered by artificial intelligence. Nonprofit data is rich and complex, yet often under-utilized, which makes my job immensely enjoyable! I am responsible for digging into data and finding new patterns to understand the behavior of donors. Additionally, I will be developing and improving tools for fundraisers to make their work easier and help them build deep, meaningful relations with donors.

I received my PhD degree from Northeastern University with a Graduate Masters Certificate in Data Science. I am  an adventurer, and in my free time, I enjoy playing musical instruments, traveling, cooking, camping, and reading.

- Nima

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