By Kevin Leahy • September 19, 2018

Meet Cecelia Poplin

Cecelia Poplin is Vice President of Nonprofit Sales at Gravyty. In her role, she helps organizations empower fundraisers with the revolutionary power of AI technologies.

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Cecelia comes to Gravyty with a solid background in helping nonprofits achieve growth through technology. Most recently, she served as General Manager and Head of Sales for the Talent Management division of Vertical Holdings. Prior, Cecelia was the Chief Revenue Officer for WealthEngine, the leader in nonprofit wealth intelligence services, where she led the Sales and Marketing teams.

Cecelia helps Gravyty customers realize and leverage their investments in CRM, wealth data, and analytics to build and grow revenue through AI for fundraisers. Having spent the past 15 years working with nonprofits to grow their contributions through wealth data and CRM, she believes that AI is the technology that will take nonprofits to the highest performance level they have ever achieved. Her passion for helping nonprofits utilize their donor dollars to reach their respective missions is what keeps her focused and motivated.

Cecelia lives in Charleston, South Carolina and holds a BA in English from Charleston Southern University. When not hard at work for her clients, Cecelia enjoys spending time with her husband, Doug, and watching their son, Rex, play football for Limestone College.