By Lindsey Athanasiou • July 21, 2017

Managing Bigger Portfolios? Try Gravyty

How many prospects are in your portfolio? Has it changed over the years? If so, how have the tools you’ve used to manage those donors adapted to the adjustments?

Where we are now
Industry standards suggest gift officers carry portfolios of between 75-200 prospects. Depending on if you’re annual fund, major gifts, or a senior leader, that number could vary widely. But, anything higher than 250, and you get incredulous and/or outraged fundraisers asking themselves (and their managers) “how could I ever build meaningful relationships with that many people? How can I move 200+ prospects through the pipeline to ensure they’re each making the best possible gift?” These are fair questions, and ones we at Gravyty are working to tackle.

Where we are going
We recently had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with our awesome partners at DonorTrends about effective pipeline management: how to know, plug, and grow your pipeline. It was a great discussion with useful tools for measuring and improving pipeline efficiency both in the annual fund and major gifts sides of the development shop. Check it out here!

If you listen in, you’ll hear a question from an attendee at 31:28: how many prospects should we manage in our portfolios?

My answer? 250-300.

How we get there
This recommendation inspired a vibrant conversation on Linkedin which was viewed by over 15,000 people and garnered over 60 comments, and for good reason. With the antiquated tools and practices gift officers use now to manage their portfolios, managing 200+ donors could mean…

  1. You never sleep
  2. Your donors aren’t receiving proper care and attention
  3. You’re insane

BUT, if you had tools that lessened the amount of time and effort it takes to manage each of these 300 prospects, it suddenly becomes feasible. Consider the implications of having self-writing drafts of emails that magically arrive in your email inbox each week, with pre-written, “intelligent” text that requests meetings with donors when you’ll be in their town next, cultivates the best major gift prospects at the right times, solicits the optimal gift amount from annual fund donors, and thanks the right donors for their recent gifts. How much time would you save each week? How could you re-purpose that time—five cultivation conversations? Seven qualification phone calls? Ten thank-you visits?

Gravyty deploys actionable artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate the tasks that keep you from interacting with your donors. With algorithmic ask amounts, travel recommendations, donor alerts,  one-click moves management and self-writing emails, you CAN manage more donors on an efficient, personal level. And more donors means fulfilling the mission of your organization.

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