By Drew Fox Jordan • December 3, 2019

Is Giving Tuesday Enough?

Giving Tuesday is upon us and development offices around the country are preparing to inspire donations in the as-big-as-it-gets, flash sale method that retailers have made us all so familiar with this time of year.

On Giving Tuesday, all eyes are on philanthropy. And, since the “holiday” has taken off in popularity, it’s a day where we see just about every organization pulling out all the stops to create the greatest 24-hour giving event in the calendar year. Sure, this helps create a huge splash before we call a close to end of year giving and great visibility for organizations doing great work as they change the world. But, even with the grandiose gestures and effort, is Giving Tuesday enough?


To tell is straight, the answer is no. The effort and coordination that goes into Giving Tuesday is something that organizations should strive to match every other day of the year, as well. Seems rather impossible, simply unsustainable, right? It doesn’t have to be.

In fact, through the use of fundraiser enablement tools, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), organizations are increasing fundraiser activity levels in ways never thought possible before. Take, for example, one major gift officer who completed qualification work on 500 donors in six months, alongside managing his own portfolio.


With fundraiser enablement, powered by AI, here’s how you might take the craziest giving day of the year and turn it into one that gives throughout the year:

  • Distinguish yourself from the noise of Giving Tuesday by making a personal appeal to your managed portfolio and give that much needed nudge on year-end giving
  • Amplify personalized outreach to rated-but-unassigned prospects to discover and inspire new donors.
  • Learn what you need to know about the new donors you attracted. How can research and wealth screening help you qualify new donors into your pipeline?
  • Personalize stewardship for your donors and allow gift officers to qualify the top potential donors from this new crop of patrons, allowing fundraisers to reach out and talk about their affinity and capacity for giving.
  • Grow your managed portfolios to inspire new gifts, and bring existing donors to new giving levels.

Artificial Intelligence is making it easier for fundraisers to identify the right donors and personalize their outreach. With the help of Gravyty’s fundraiser enablement tools, powered by AI, nonprofit organizations are using personalized outreach to expand its workforce without making any additional hires, close new gifts, and increase its fundraising revenue. Read about the organizations transforming fundraising with AI here.

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