By Drew Fox Jordan • March 4, 2020

How Does AI Turn Potential Supporters From a “Name on a List” to Grateful Patients?

Grateful Patient programs are excellent tools for discovering new donors and supporters for health care organizations. They have an obvious affinity to give and a fresh positive memory of care. However, personalizing meaningful outreach to a constantly growing pool of potential grateful patients can make fundraiser outreach a challenge.

What’s the Challenge?

In a single word: capacity. Any fundraiser will tell you that there’s a limit to the number of donors they can personally manage and make personal appeals to. How does a fundraiser know who to prioritize outreach to or what they should convey if (at this point in the process) potential grateful patients are simply names on a long list?

Organically crafting an outreach email takes a lot of time, regardless of how seasoned a fundraiser is. Most of that time is spent poking through the CRM looking for any information on that person and trying to weave together a story that’s personalized. But even more than that, they still need to take the time to write out exactly what they want to say.

Imagine repeating this process throughout the day -- and still maintaining a managed portfolio. It’s easy to see that the majority of a workday can be committed to non-donor-facing activities -- or stuck in behind the scenes data. Personal connections are what close gifts.

Increasing Fundraiser Capacity with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
More and more health care organizations no longer accept the status quo and limitations of fundraising capacity. Where adding additional gift officers was once the only solution to increase the capacity of a Grateful Patient program, many organizations are looking to artificial intelligence (AI) to increase capacity at scale, without making additional hires.

With fundraiser enablement powered by AI, health care organizations are not only reaching out to more potential grateful patients, current donors, and supporters, they are also doing this quickly, efficiently, and at a scale that’s at 2-3x typical capacity.

For example, Gravyty’s AI serves fundraiser with daily prompts, directly to their email, to reach out to potential grateful patients. And, because Gravyty has scanned the CRM already, it prepares a short bio of each individual within that prompt.

But what is truly transformational, Gravyty’s AI also self-writes the “First Draft” of that message to the donor or prospect. And, because the AI learns from the writing style of a gift officer, it personalizes each suggested message in the voice of that fundraiser, for a specific prospect. This level of personalization both increases a fundraiser’s ability to personalize outreach to more potential grateful patients each day, it also produces more face-to-face visits, meetings, and deeper relationships that inspire giving in transformative ways.

If you would like to learn more about the next evolution in health care fundraising, set up a demo with Gravyty today!


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