By Drew Fox Jordan • October 31, 2019

    7 Scariest Things for Fundraisers At The End Of The Year

    The flurry of activity that comes with closing end of year giving can be anxiety-inducing for fundraisers. As we find ourselves in that crunch time, we look at seven of the scariest things that fundraisers face this time of year. 

    We are in the middle of crunch time for fundraisers; October through December is a busy time for development offices. Everyone wants to make sure they aren't missing any ask opportunities to land their big gift before the end of the year. End-Of-Year Giving Doesn't Have To Be Spooky. Here Are The Top 7 Things That Scare Fundraisers At The End Of The Year.

    1. Too many LYBUNTS/SYBUNTS
    Donor retention is essential to every development office. Fundraisers have to balance new gifts with making sure they are still managing past and current donors. As the year closes, one of the scariest situations a fundraiser faces is not knowing if they can inspire a donor who gave last year to also give this year.

    2. Still waiting on that big gift
    Similarly, fundraisers have to balance the art of managing a relationship with a ticking clock on the close of the year. Everyone wants to make sure that they close the gifts they expect before December 31...and potentially losing track of an opportunity to inspire that gift is a frightful thought. 


    3. Behind on participation (Higher Ed)
    In addition to portfolio performance, Higher Education fundraising teams are also judged on participation rates. And, when a team is behind in participation, it's all hands on deck to right that ship with just a couple of months to go.

    4. Trying to replace a big donor
    When major donors fall through, move on, or are no longer engaged, it's on the team to replace that missing revenue. Have you done enough prospecting to find a fruitful replacement in the last year?


    5. Not enough visits before the holidays
    Visits are a fundraiser's favorite tool. November and December are big months for travel and vacations, but also historically the biggest time of year for philanthropy. A fundraiser without a booked travel or meeting schedule is often anxious to turn that around.


    6. Matching gift paperwork
    Many donors aren't aware that their employer will match their charitable gift, doubling revenue from that gift. Did you mention it in your last touchpoint with your prospect or donor? If so, did they fill out the paperwork they need to match their gift? Sometimes motiving someone to fill out paperwork is a stressful job!

    7. Stewardship in the new year
    Since the end of the year is a popular time for giving, the start of a new year will be a popular time for thanking your donors and making them feel appreciated for their generosity. A fundraiser's job is never over, and that means they often spend holidays thinking about the mountain of stewardship that awaits them.

    Do any of these scare you as a fundraiser? Connect with the Gravyty team for a free 15-minute needs assessment to learn how artificial intelligence can help make end of year fundraising a little less scary. 


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