By Kevin Leahy • July 24, 2019

Gravyty for Prospect Development: Fixing Broken Connection Between Researchers & Fundraisers

Gravyty, and our CEO, Adam Martel, are featured in the Prospect Research Institute's #ChatBytes Podcast, titled, "Can Gravyty get development officers to make more prospect discovery visits?". The podcast covered everything from enabling fundraisers to why AI is also doing the same for researchers.

Prospect Research #ChatBytes is a podcast by and for prospect research professionals, featuring stories, tips, and commentary on topics that affect the work and lives of fundraisers. Adam was the featured guest on the most recent episode, where he was interviewed by host Jen Filla about how Gravyty uses AI to enable fundraisers.


"Ever since I read the Chronicle of Philanthropy's article about Gravyty's work with the Cure Alzheimer's Fund, and I watched your recent video on DisrupTV, I've been intrigued with the implications for prospect research," said Filla at the top of the interview. Adam explained the common misconception that AI doesn't only benefit frontline fundraisers, it has an important positive impact on prospect researchers, as well.

"We're not replacing the researchers, we're trying to replace what's broken about the connection between researchers and frontline fundraisers. Right now researchers are siloed in the data world. They spend a lot of time trying to feed the frontline fundraisers based on what they already know is right. We're trying to find ways to eliminate the challenges that researchers have communicating to frontline fundraisers and change the job description from someone who runs searches to being a co-partner, strategist, and someone who drives the activity of frontline fundraisers."

There's so much more to this interview, including the power of complimentary skillsets between prospect researchers and frontline fundraisers. Check out the full podcast here: https://www.prospectresearchinstitute.org/chatbytes/

Are you headed to APRA Prospect Development 2019 in Phoenix? You don't want to miss Gravyty's presentation "The Fourth Industrial Revolution & Philanthropy: What Artificial Intelligence Means for Fundraising" from our VP of Sales, Lindsey Athanasiou on Thursday, August 1st from 1:15-2:00 PM.


Also, be sure to drop by the Gravyty booth to continue the conversation on AI's role in philanthropy. To set up a meeting, contact us.

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