By Drew Fox Jordan • September 11, 2019

Gravyty Featured in Inside Philanthropy

Gravyty was recently featured in Inside Philanthropy, a publication which aims to increase oversight and transparency in large-scale philanthropy.

Elisa Shoenberger talks about reshaping the philanthropic industry with technology in her article, “A Smarter Money Chase? How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Fundraising”. She talks about how AI can impact a number of different parts of the fundraising process from donor prospecting to facilitating outreach emails. The article goes on to talk about AI empowering fundraising operations, rather than replacing them.

Check out Shoenberger’s article to see how Artificial Intelligence isn’t just shaping the future of fundraising, it’s happening now.


If you’d like to learn more about how Gravyty can optimize your fundraising efficiency and capacity, request a free demo below:


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