By Lisa Alvezi • April 26, 2018

DonorSearch Flash Class

In today’s fundraising landscape, nonprofits have a constant challenge to increase dollars and donors within an ever changing economic and philanthropic landscape. Learn the strategies and implementation behind AI enabled fundraising as Gravyty CEO Adam Martel partners with Donor Search, a leading provider of prospect research, to bring you a Flash Class from a leading industry expert.

During this talk with Jay Frost, Adam breaks down what artificial intelligence is, how it’s being used to redefine the way we work and how it’s revolutionizing fundraising today.

Key Takeaways:

Proactive Prescriptions vs. Reactive Behavior
The idea that technology should predict then direct you towards your next step and drive action.

Three Screen Principle
Most frontline fundraisers function within three systems:  email, calendar and CRM. Data shows that employees won't use a fourth screen, so Gravyty has found a way to change behavior by working within your current suite of applications.

People Augmented by Technology Yields Scale
AI solves efficiency problems and behavioral challenges when applied directly to a fundraiser's workflow.

Democratized Fundraising through Technology
Allows the user to breakdown the Advancement hierarchy and redirects organizational  standards around fundraising.

Action Trumps Everything/Action is Better than Data
Until we can take action on the data we have, the focus should change from data in to action out.

Are you ready to catapult your organization's fundraising to the next level and join the AI movement? Watch Adam’s March presentation:

Title: AI-Enabled Fundraising_ How Artificial Intelligence will Revolutionize Fundraising Forever