By gravyty • October 8, 2018

Gravyty and AI Make a Splash at Dreamforce '18

A recap of Dreamforce 2018.

Dreamforce is a sight to see – no other event can take over San Francisco the way Salesforce's annual customer conference does. Standing out amid the sea of users, celebrity keynotes, technologists, solutions, and Metallica is a gargantuan task. But, it’s a task Gravyty and our AI solutions successfully accomplished.

Ahead of Dreamforce, the Gravyty team worked tirelessly to secure an ISV partnership with Salesforce.org and pass a security review, allowing the Gravyty Connector to launch live on the AppExchange. Our partnership allows the Gravyty suite of AI tools to integrate with Salesforce seamlessly, our AI algorithms to access 30 fields of an organization’s donor data to surface actions like the next best prospective donor at the optimal time, and empower fundraisers to build more relationships with an organization’s supporters.


From Einstein Park to Robotics Ridge, and the Gravyty Kiosk in the Salesforce.org Lodge, AI was at the center of so many conversations at Dreamforce ‘18. In fact, Watt Hamlett, a nonprofit technology strategist, featured Gravyty as the first AI vendor appearing in the Salesforce.org Lodge in his Dreamforce ‘18 recap article published on Linkedin.

We heard questions from the inquisitory:
What is AI a good fit for nonprofit organizations?

To those who saw a need for AI in their roles yesterday:
How fast can we deploy AI?

And everything in the middle:
How do you ensure AI empowers fundraisers and their efforts?


Whether it was from the floor of the Salesforce.org Lodge, the Appirio Nonprofit Breakfast, our CEO Adam Martel’s presentation to the Advancement Leadership Council with Westmont College, in conversation at one of Dreamforce’s packed keynotes, or one of our many other appearances – everyone was talking AI. Our team met with so many who are navigating how to be on the right side of the revolutionary wave that AI technology represents.

Because Dreamforce is large and sprawling, there’s no chance that a blog post from a single author could do it justice. We asked some of our team to provide their key learnings.

JB Rauch, Gravyty CGO
During our many Salesforce.org client discussions, we learned how crucial it is for nonprofits to drive revenues through multiple channels. Organizations can no longer subsist on grants, corporate gifts, memberships, annual funds, major gifts, or planned giving. As times change so must fundraising strategies and technologies. Gravyty is the first AI-enabled fundraising offering on the market, and it’s clear that, as the newest ISV partner in the Salesforce.org ecosystem, many were moved to learn that a technology solution exists that means fundraisers spend less time managing data and more time building relationships. Gravyty opens up a whole new paradigm in donor acquisition!

Chris Campbell, Gravyty Senior Account Executive
Being at Dreamforce allowed for continual interaction with professionals from all walks of nonprofit life. It was so inspiring to hear their stories, understand their goals, and discover how Gravyty might play a part in helping them better achieve their desired ends. It was also a wonderful opportunity for the Gravyty sales team to bond together, outside the normal office setting. From working the booth to shared meals and meetings, the experience reinforced what a wonderful collection of people we have and the strength of working together for a shared goal.

Lindsey Athanasiou, Gravyty VP of Higher Education Sales
It is easy to get overwhelmed by the sea of vendors and solutions that Salesforce provides through its partner program. As a Salesforce user, you might not know where to turn, or what is going to help you. It's clear how important the role of SI's (implementation partners) is as they help customers navigate the immense Salesforce ecosystem. We're excited to partner with more of them on bringing innovative AI to nonprofits and higher education organizations as our partnership with Salesforce and SI's deepens!

Also, the most valuable part of Dreamforce wasn't the sessions; it was the one-on-one meetings and unexpected conversations that came about at the sponsor booth, in receptions, and in team dinners. Awesome relationships begin and deepen at events like these!

Dreamforce always focuses on the future. But since starting Gravyty in 2016, our co-founders – CEO Adam Martel and CTO Rich Palmer – have validated that the next great Industrial Revolution is already here and it centers on how AI empowers our lives.

Anxious about missing the mark on the future of fundraising? Continue the conversation with Gravyty here.