By Kevin Leahy • February 21, 2019

Gravyty & ADVIZOR Solutions Enter Strategic Partnership to Drive Outcomes for Frontline Fundraisers

Gravyty is excited to announce our partnership with ADVIZOR Solutions – known in the industry for combining expert problem-solving professionals with interactive data visualizations and predictive analytics software. Under our partnership, we'll bring Gravyty's suite of AI-enabled fundraising tools to ADVIZOR customers to drive action for frontline fundraisers.

ADVIZOR's customers consume and interact with data in all sorts of ways – from dashboards to finding new ways to push analytics. This partnership takes data a step beyond pushing out analytics and directly recommending next steps and outreach for frontline fundraisers.

As the first and leading provider of AI-enabled fundraising software, Gravyty has proven that with artificial intelligence, Advancement shops are able to build and manage relationships at scale, extend the capacity of their workforce, and impact mission-critical activities for organizations. Partnering with ADVIZOR Solutions allows us to bring AI's powerful impact to Advancement shops looking to improve their craft.

Check out this short video with ADVIZOR Solutions to learn more about our partnership,