By Kevin Leahy • February 1, 2019

New Feature Friday

Here at Gravyty, we spend a lot of time talking about the why. AI for fundraising is so valuable because it allows our customers to go deeper into their giving pyramids, qualify more potential donors, and propel donors higher up the pyramid. How that’s achieved is by prioritizing a fundraiser’s day so they spend less time digging into data and instead spend the majority of their day building relationships with donors.

In today’s Feature Friday, we have updates that give frontline fundraisers time back in their days and we continue to connect the how with the why.

First Drafts are smarter around Holidays

Personalized, donor-centric outreach is key to building great relationships. Gravyty made an update to its timing algorithm, allowing our AI-written emails to reference appropriate holidays for an organization. For example, is the Fourth of July has just passed, a First Draft might suggest language asking a potential donor if they enjoyed their holiday. Or, if the Fourth of July was approaching, a First Draft might ask if the potential donor has plans. With this update, First Drafts will be even more personalized, limiting the number of edits a frontline fundraiser has to make – putting time back in their day.

Logging Activity in Raiser’s Edge

Frontline fundraisers succeed when they’re active. But being active does not always lend time to the meticulous work of updating activity into a CRM, like Raiser’s Edge. As a result, many CRMs don’t have accurate depictions for fundraiser outreach. Gravyty has improved the returned data files to assist our Raiser’s Edge customers with importing valuable information back into their databases. Because Gravyty translates activities like emails, phone call, and text message activity seamlessly back to Raiser’s Edge, fundraisers don’t have to spend time updating the CRM themselves.