By gravyty • August 4, 2017

Our colleague, Ashutosh Nandeshwar!

Last week Adam, our CEO, had the wonderful opportunity to speak on a panel at the APRA Conference with  Ashutosh Nandeshwar about the future of analytics in the nonprofit sector.  Ashutosh is the Assistant Vice President of Relationship Management & Data Sciences at the University of Southern California. He's also a thought-leader in the data space, the author of a great new book called “Data Science in Fundraising with R” and an all-round wonderful person.  We're proud to call him a colleague and friend, and we look forward to following his future successes!!  

Follow Ashutosh on Twitter here, check out his website here: http://nandeshwar.info/ and watch his 
keynote from the 2015 DRIVE conference below. It's really inspirational!