By Kevin Leahy • August 27, 2019

Artificial Intelligence & Fundraiser Enablement for Hospitals

Many hospitals become leaders by applying the newest techniques and cutting-edge technology -- such as artificial intelligence (AI) -- to provide patients with the best care possible, and in many cases, transform patient outcomes. To expand top-of-the-line care to more patients and grow impact, this same strategy should be applied to fundraising, as well.

But, as advancement leadership knows, fundraising, especially through Grateful Patient Programs, comes with challenges. The timeline to approach a potential donor and inspire them to give is incredibly short compared to other major gift programs. It typically requires a culture of philanthropy -- including doctors, therapists, and other staff -- to build and steward relationships. And, it takes the ability to do this all at scale to systematically increase giving.

Fundraiser enablement, powered by AI, is transforming what’s possible for hospitals by systematically turning gratitude into giving dollars. As the first and leading company focused on applying AI to fundraising for social good, Gravyty’s AI-enabled tools turn data into action for frontline fundraisers, grow an organization’s culture of philanthropy by efficiently welcoming stakeholders such as doctors, physicians, and more into the fundraising process, prioritize personalized outreach, and more.

A Limited Window

Grateful Patent Programs don’t have the luxury of a long donor relationship cycle. Typically, there’s a three-month window to inspire a gift after a patient’s visit. Gravyty recently announced a major partnership with iWave to bring the first joint solution to the market that leverages grateful patient data with AI so healthcare organizations can quickly and efficiently inspire gifts within this window.

iWave screenings empower hospitals to understand which patients have the propensity, affinity, and capacity to give. Once these screening results have been validated, Gravyty's AI helps fundraisers take action, quickly -- and turn that gratitude into giving dollars. Gravyty First Draft not only prioritizes potential donors for fundraisers, but it also uses AI to self-write the first draft of personalized outreach meant for that donor so fundraisers can quickly and efficiently create touchpoints with their entire assigned portfolio and suspect pool. This method has been proven to build relationships at speeds and scales never thought possible before and expand the fundraising workforce by 2.6x, without making any additional hires.

A Culture of Philanthropy

Gravyty and AI also expand a culture of philanthropy across entire organizations. For hospitals, this means that the doctors, physicians, nurses, and staff who provide services to patients can efficiently participate in fundraising activities. Whether it’s time to thank a donor for a generous or even nominal gift, to show them the impact of their giving, or to inspire a new gift, Gravyty Stewardship seamlessly allows non-traditional fundraisers to participate in advancement strategy and expand a culture of philanthropy throughout the organization.

Fundraiser enablement, powered by AI, is precisely how healthcare organizations are able to take action and inspire grateful patients at scales never thought possible before.

To learn more about how Gravyty and AI are transforming what’s possible in fundraising for hospitals, contact us.


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