By Rich Palmer • August 16, 2017

Art + Science of Fundraising

Steve McLaughlin, best-selling author of Data-Driven Nonprofits and VP of Data & Analytics at Blackbaud writes:

In fact, I’d even suggest that it is not possible to be donor-centric without the use of data and analytics. Information helps ensure that fundraisers are talking to the right people, at the right time, with the right resources. Metrics also help tell us if something is working or has room for improvement. Every fundraiser can benefit from knowing three simple KPIs about their donors: First-year retention, multi-year retention and lifetime value. There are many things that can be measured, but these three are simple metrics are very powerful tools in the hands of a professional fundraiser.

We believe that he is spot on with this sentiment. Technology allows nonprofits to achieve fundraising personalization at scale and the use of prescriptive technologies (like what we are doing with First Draft) use data science to take on mundane, repetitive, or data-heavy tasks and provide immediate suggestions for action to free up fundraisers to do what they are best at - building and deepening relationships to help their organizations grow.

I'd encourage you to read more from Steve on the Nonprofit Pro.