By Lisa Alvezi • May 10, 2018

Do You Really Need Tech for Alumni Philanthropy?  How Indecision Could Hurt You

ALUMinates Director of Research, Caitlin Scarano, recently sat down with three tech CEO's, including Gravyty CEO and co-founder, Adam Martel, to discuss how they are trying to help institutions address issues through technology. 
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In Caitlin's article, she uncovers three key insights:

Insight 1: Not data for data’s sake, but GOOD data

“Rather than thinking about making copies of data that is online, institutions should think about how to effectively integrate data that is already owned by them with data that is online[...]. Good data, really does impact the effectiveness of fundraisers." -- Regan Holt, CEO, Uprising

Insight 2: The new normal? Online giving and the state of the constant campaign

Technology solutions will be necessary in the changing landscape of higher education philanthropy, specifically considering the rise in online giving and the state of near-constant campaigns.  Technologies that streamline the giving process so that it is intuitive and easy for donors of all ages will probably prove most useful.

Insight 3: Augmentation, not replacement

Many of us have questions about these technological trends—what is the real value of all this stuff? What actually works? Where can tech take us that will make a difference? Where can’t it take us? Will we be replaced?  Adam Martel reassures readers that if you use technology to take away some of the mundane work frontline fundraisers have to do, you can put them in positions to develop more meaningful relationships and inspire more donors. In Gravyty's case, we help remove barriers so people can work with people.

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