By Kevin Leahy • June 27, 2019

AI & The Workforce

There’s so much more to the narrative on automation than what we typically see in the mainstream press. Coverage tends to follow a traditional formula: identify the “magic” that a technology like artificial intelligence (AI) creates and then outline how job-loss will result. Few spend much ink on those who work to ensure that people’s lives see improvement along with innovative technologies that change how we work.


That’s why we were happy to see Wall Street Journal's Lauren Weber recently write about a bold move by the multinational consulting company Accenture to bring its workforce along with innovation, rather than opt for the knee-jerk reaction of lopping jobs in the name of automation.

The article describes how Accenture honored a path set forward by its late CEO, Pierre Nanterme, to retrain almost all those in its workforce who were at risk of losing a job to automation. This is precisely the type of leadership we need in business today, especially when the tired narrative on the technologies at hand doesn’t paint a complete picture.

This is the type of leadership that Gravyty has seen from its customers, across the board. In fundraising, we have the advantage of understanding the critical need for human relationships to inspire gifts. So, whenever an advancement leader signs on to use Gravyty’s AI-enabled fundraising suite of tools to enable their fundraisers, they expect that AI does exactly that -- enable their fundraisers to achieve more, not replace them.

In fact, Gravyty is uniquely built to expand the working capacity of frontline fundraisers and remove them from the mundane tasks that take them away from the most important part of their jobs: inspiring gifts from donors.

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