By Rich Palmer • March 12, 2018

3 Ways 'AI for Good' is Going to Change the Donor Engagement Game

Gravyty's CEO and former fundraiser, Adam Martel, shares thoughts about the benefits of AI as a force for improved philanthropy:

In this example, AI has replaced the repetitive and monotonous tasks that major gift officers go through every day, which include: running reports, analyzing the data to pick the most important donors that day, conducting research in Salesforce and elsewhere on the internet, and crafting an appropriate, personalized message that helps that donor move forward in making their commitment to the organization’s cause.

He balances this sentiment with the acknowledgement that fundraising, as a relationship-driven activity, is a uniquely human endeavor:

AI, however, does not replace human fundraisers but rather accelerates them – and that’s an important distinction.

Read the article to see how nonprofits can use AI for better fundraising across three key areas: http://www.salesforce.org/ai-good-3-ways-going-change-donor-engagement-game/