By Kevin Leahy • May 9, 2019

How One College Manages The Busiest Time of Year with AI & Fundraiser Enablement Tools

Commencement season is upon us! Colleges and universities everywhere are welcoming high-profile speakers, swarms of parents and families, honored guests, and more to campus. Most importantly, students who have worked hard to earn transformative degrees are preparing to walk the stage, move their tassels to the other side of their caps, receive their diplomas, and embark on the world.

The 'Pomp and Circumstance' that comes with graduation is an occasion that all departments on campus come together to focus on the school's very mission. 

Maximizing the bandwidth of frontline fundraisers during commencement season is critical for inspiring donor gifts. We're reminded of how our great customer, Lycoming College, uses Gravyty's fundraiser enablement tools, fueled by AI to keep Advancement on-track during another extremely busy time of the year.

Fall is a busy time for fundraisers at higher education institutions. Homecoming, Parents Weekend, football games, and campus speakers mean a lot of opportunities to connect with alumni, families, and friends. Once you layer in travel for important donor conversations – your schedule is packed!

Meanwhile, Autumn also tends to be one of the busiest for receiving gifts. 


At Lycoming College personal interactions with donors has always been a top priority. Thanks to Gravyty, Lycoming’s advancement leaders have the tools to keep their focus on what is most important. After a donor makes a gift, Gravyty Stewardship pre-writes a note of gratitude and pushes it to a gift officer's inbox along with the donor's phone number. This means gift officers like Glenn Smith, Director of Athletics Development, can take advantage of every opportunity to thank, steward and cultivate donors.

Glenn Smith, Director of Athletics Development, Lycoming College"Because of Gravyty, I can work directly from my phone without consulting a spreadsheet or logging into our database. I just called our top football donor to say thank you while I was walking to a meeting." Glenn went on to say that in addition to making you incredibly productive wherever you are, what he values most about Gravyty is having the opportunity to connect with his donors to share the impact of their gift immediately. "We have incredibly generous donors who are grateful for their education at Lycoming College on the field, and in the classroom. No matter how busy I am, Gravyty helps to keep that relationship at the forefront of my activities."

Research indicates that 71 percent of donors feel more engaged when communications are personalized. A timely and personal “thank you” from a gift officer is essential for donor retention.

To learn more about how forward-thinking institutions and gift officers like Lycoming College and Glenn Smith proactively approach stewardship, request a demo.


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