By gravyty • May 7, 2016

Gravyty in the News- Babson Graduate Business: Gravyty

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Babson article UPDATED

Gravyty helps nonprofits retain donors and raise more money by leveraging predictive analytics, data visualizations, and data analytics. Through easy-to-use workspaces, Gravyty helps nonprofits do three things really well:

  1. Retain donors by combining private data, big public data, and behavioral insights to determine who is going to give the next big gift, and when is best to contact them.
  2. Onboard new fundraisers. Fundraisers don’t need to wade through complicated excel spreadsheets or get lost in antiquated databases, they are able to make an immediate impact on day one.
  3. Work more efficiently. Gravyty helps fundraisers talk to more donors at the right times which brings more money into nonprofits to help further their mission... Read more here