By gravyty • April 23, 2016

Our Newest Team Member!


We're so excited to announce the newest member of our team, Prabha Dublish! Prabha is a brilliant sophomore at Babson College who will be spending part of the summer with us exploring unique public data sets that can help predict a donor's propensity to make gifts to nonprofit organizations!

It became obvious to us that Prabha would be a great fit for Gravyty when she mentioned the amazing work that she was doing with her own nonprofit, Womentum which is  is focused on empowering women entrepreneurs who lack funding and community support.  You can learn more about here amazing work at Womentum here!

We've asked Prabha to introduce herself below and you'll be hearing a lot more from her over the summer.

We're looking forward to working with you, Prabha!


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Hi! I’m Prabha. I’m a current undergraduate sophomore at Babson College concentrating in business analytics. Beyond crunching numbers and attending classes, I’m very passionate about developing impactful and scalable solutions that can help those in need. My current project is Womentum, a global crowdfunding platform that connects donors that want to make an impact to underprivileged women entrepreneurs who lack funding and community support. I started Womentum after witnessing first hand the lack of financial and community support that women entrepreneurs faced. With Womentum, I hope to level the playing field and provide these women with the resources they need to improve their standard of life. Womentum is a certified nonprofit as well. The experience I’ve had running this nonprofit and trying to raise money shows me the value in a platform like Gravyty.

Fundraising isn’t easy and finding the right donors and asking for the right amount of money at the right time is quite difficult. Pair this challenge with running a budding nonprofit, and fundraising is often something that gets put on the back burner until you ultimately realize you are out of funds.  Gravyty is  a key solution to that pain point. With Gravyty, nonprofits are able to raise money with less effort, leaving more energy to focus on achieving their goals.

At Gravyty I’m excited to be exploring public data sets to find factors that can determine a donor's ability and affinity to make gifts to any NPO.  I think it’s going to be really interesting to work with actual real life data because in college we typically only work with tailored data sets that don’t have the inconsistencies you find in typical data sets.

I’ll be writing blogs about the data sources that I find to be interesting and sharing my thoughts with the our online community. So be sure to sure to check back to read my about my experiences exploring public data sources!