By gravyty • October 24, 2016

Use-Case Monday: A Solution to Volunteer Management!

Volunteer management is really hard work. While almost every nonprofit has a wonderful mission, most NPOs are underfunded and have staffs that are severely overworked. One of the ways these organizations raise money is by utilizing volunteers to help solicit gifts from their peers.  A problem that every nonprofit faces, however, is that although these volunteers are passionate about the mission, they're usually not comfortable fundraising and have no clue how to prioritize the 100-200 person excel spreadsheet that was just emailed to them.

We've seen over and over that when volunteers are put in uncomfortable situations (usually around fundraising) with inadequate tools they ask more questions, demand more data and essentilaly become more needy.  This is when volunteers go from being an asset to being a liabilty and you start to risk losing their support.

Gravyty is specifically designed to help fundraisers of all kinds take advantage of donor data without needing a data analytics background and we've recently learned that volunteer fundraisers can greatly benefit from our services! Gravyty is  also the first tool that nonprofit volunteer managers can use to make their lives easier.

Imagine, instead of emailing your volunteers excel spreadsheets with confidential information and expecting them to "figure it out," you give them access to their own dashboard.  This dashboard has a calling list, not only auto populated, but ordered efficiently so that they only have to call their peers and have a conversation about the wonderful work your organization is doing.  Our fundraising platform also gives your volunteers goal tracking tools and access to specific information and articles about your organization.  With no data analytics and no decision making regarding who to call, your volunteers can easily focus on building relationship and advocating for your cause!

So, the next time you use volunteers to solicit gifts or engage your donors (maybe for reunion or fundraising events) consider using Gravyty to enchant, surprise and motivate your supporters so they can have as great an impact on your organization as possible!

Contact us at contact@gravyty.com to learn more about how we can help your fundraisers raise more money!